We don't know about jams in your area. Please help.

The local jam report is a one page PDF listing the jams from the folkjam database that are near your current location. Our goal with this report is to give you something to bring to the next jam session you attend.

Unfortunately, nobody has contributed local jams in your area. Would you like to help folkjam.org grow? Find a jam session near you and contribute it to folkjam.org.

If you would like to see an example of the local jam report, you can view the jams we've entered in Kansas City, our home town. (Who are "we"?). We bring this report to just about every jam we attend and through it have found more jams to attend thanks to our contributing neighbors.

Start the cycle in your city. Contribute to folkjam today.

Posted by scott.mclewin: Posted 3 Sep 2006 - Last edited 6 Oct 2006

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