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I can be found in Fairhope, AL; Jacksonville, Orlando and Miami, FL; and Colorado Springs and Denver, CO, and anywhere in between. I'm a mid-level bodhran player, friendly and open. I can also produce non-celtic beats on my drum, and I'm open to whatever style you need a percussionist for. I own a bodhran and a few auxiliary percussion items, but if you have it I can probably play it, or figure out how pretty quick. Because I travel a lot, I can't commit to a weekly gig, but I can drop by for a session or a performance if you need. Let me know, we'll figure something out. I used to play with a couple bands in Seattle, but I've since moved to the Southeast, and I need to make new music buddies :) I'd really love to play and I'm looking for opportunities wherever I'm at. Let me know!

Posted by WindWhistler th...: Posted 29 Oct 2011


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