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I'am Charles Russell have been making and playing Music since I was seven still have my first musical instrument a Harmonica . From Harmonica , I went on to learn how to read Music with six months of lessons on the Guitar at age eight. Somewhere along the line picked up a Fiddle and recently graduated to Double Bass Fiddle. Have started a Facebook Group named the Thump'n Mellons if you are interested in participating, joining or contributing to this Group please contact me as the Thump'n Mellons is a St.Pat's day tribute group to remind us to wear green on St. Patricks Day . It's also an indication of the type of music I prefer to make and listen to that being Traditional Irish , Celtic , Bluegrass and Folk Music .

Posted by Thump'n Mellon: Posted 7 Sep 2011 - Last edited 15 Sep 2011


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