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I have been playing guitar for 40+ years, played rhythm guitar for 1968-69 in H.S. in a local garage band named Alice (this was before Alice Cooper days). Continued to play electric guitar in my home for my own enjoyment until about 10 years ago when I first attended the Winfield Walnut Valley Festival. My wife had gone several years before without me and when asked if I wanted to go, said no, until that 1st year. Spent one night at the festival going through the Pecan & Walnut Groves and got hooked. Since then have gone pretty much bluegrass & acoustic, continuing guitar and later adding mandolin & finally banjo (work in progress on this one). Consider my self fairly solid on backup playing guitar & mando, do some flat picking and some mandolin leads. Getting more confident in vocals within my range. Recently have had the honor to perform with the Gazaway Mountain Boys from Reno County at the Yoder Heritage Day festival. I will be heading down to Winfield soon to set up camp with Camp Brigadoon. There will be a wide range of acoustic music played at Brigadoon. Warning, we have 5 or 6 resident banjo pickers.


Posted by shimg: Posted 30 Aug 2008


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