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I'm a software engineer, father and violinist. I have played classical violin since I was four or five and maintained a healthy love/hate relationship with my violin until college, which is when I finally decided to take it a little more seriously. Four years later with a minor in music performance in hand, I ran out of time to play as my career in software development took priority. I found time to play occasionally, but nothing structured. I didn't have time for orchestral play or to commit to chamber music. In 1998 I moved from New York to Kansas City to take on an even greater job challenge. This left even less time for music. I tried private lessons again, but my work travel schedule made it very hard to keep up a practice regimen.

In 2002 I started playing with the Olathe Community Orchestra. I reasoned that one rehearsal a week plus a few hours of practice was something that I could fit in, and it did. I managed to work my travel schedule to keep me home most Thursday nights for rehearsals during the season.

In 2003 I heard about an open jam session in Lawrence, Kansas that was part of the annual Fiddling and Picking championship held there. I'd never played my violin as a fiddle before and had no idea how I would do. I figured if I showed up and was embarrassingly bad that I was unlikely to see any of the other participants again anyway, so it was safe. This was a turning point in my playing. I've been finding and attending jams ever since and continue to play in the community orchestra. I eventually worked my violin into my travel and would seek out jam sessions while traveling for work.

It was the pain of finding jam sessions in other cities that led to the creation of My friend Shawn and I have enjoyed building and using this site. I hope you enjoy it too.

Posted by scott.mclewin: Posted 29 May 2006 - Last edited 18 Feb 2008


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