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A long time ago, when I used to play drums in bar bands in NJ, I always envied musicians that played the kind of instruments that could be used anywhere/ anytime. Now I have a cajon.

What’s a cajon? In a concert I went to last year, the band did an acoustic set. I could have sworn I heard someone playing drums, but the beat was coming from the drummer sitting on a wooden box, reaching down and hitting the face of it with his hands. I was blown away by how good it sounded. I did some research and found it's called a cajon, with afro-peruvian origins. They are used in many types of music, like Flamenco and Irish folk music. Rather than buying one, I decided to make one that's a little larger than those sold in drum shops to get a deeper bass sound.

I would love to play my cajon with a different group of acoustic musicians- maybe something like a combo of cello, viola and acoustic guitar. I'd like to take popular songs and do creative instrumental arrangements with different instruments. To see what kind of creativity I’m talking about, search YouTube for Casey Driesen & Ben Sollee doing a funky bluegrass version of Boogie On Reggae Woman, or Mutefish doing Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall, or Apacolytica playing an entire album of Metallica songs in a band comprised of amplified cellos and heavy metal drums for a small sample of the many possibilities. I'm open to anything that's different, creative and musical. I think it would be fun to play on a street corner, in a park, at a festival or just about anywhere.

Posted by Sam Lindley: Posted 15 Apr 2009


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