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After 34 years in Cable TV, I've decided to re-discover old passions and spend a bit less time worrying about someone else's priorities. So when the "opportunity" presented itself, I stepped off the 60 hr/wk treadmill and am now doing some long deferred hiking and music playing.

I started playing guitar behind contra dance bands in the late '80s after moving to Kansas City. Picked up the fiddle around 1990. Went to several dance and music camps over the next 10 years, including Winter in the Woods, Brasstown, Elkins, and Berea and began to toy around with the fiddle. Over the years I've played with several incredibly famous bands including "the Waffles", "Cymbeline", "Crosstown Contraband", "Cold Fusion", "the Heel and Toe Jam Band", and "Heyride" to name a few.

Met many fabulous and encouraging "real" musicians along the way who took me in the direction of the Old Time and Celtic fiddle styles. Mostly because in jam/session environments, I liked the culture of unison playing.

Now settled in Concord, NC (Near Charlotte), we've hooked up with the Charlotte Folk Society (CFS) and am meeting many new players through that resource. We attend many of the region's Old Time Fiddler's Conventions and local Old Time Jams and Irish Sessions, I play with others at least twice a week, and enjoy it greatly!

I help promote the CFS Slow Jam once a month at the Carl J. McEwen Historic Village in Mint Hill NC, where new players are encouraged to take their first steps in playing Old Time music. For any that have also promoted such jams, I'm sure you understand the "interesting" experience it is and the joy one feels when one of the players starts "Catching" it!

I also am a co-conspirator in "gentle" Celtic Sessions that meets once or twice a month. Links to both activities can be found on the Folksociety.org website.

Hope to see ya sometime!


Posted by Rhythmfiddle: Posted 17 Jul 2009 - Last edited 14 May 2018


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