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I'm Nico Woodruff.

I'm a vocalist singing lead/backup/harmony vocals and I also play rhythm guitar and incidental percussion instruments such as chimes, claves, and shakers. I can also play C flute, some keyboards, and an unusual instrument called the bowed psaltery (related to the dulcimer.)

I'm looking for bandmates and jam-mates. I've worked in large ensembles and would like to start my own. My music tends toward the medieval and mystical, along the lines of Dead Can Dance, Pentangle, or Loreena McKinnitt.

I'm would like to start a regular folk jam and/or band particularly focusing on traditional folk and original music... such as Child ballads, original songs, and/or kirtan music.

Posted by Nico Woodruff: Posted 17 Jul 2009 - Last edited 26 Sep 2013


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