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Played guitar since the mid-60's, sort of medium-rare but always with enthusiasm. While my college rock band still (tries to!) get together every year, I've always enjoyed playing acoustic, especially 12-string. Had messed around on mandolin for several years until a shoulder injury in '07 made guitar playing difficult. So mando has become my main instrument, and I've been learning voraciously since then. Doesn't mean I'm actually GOOD, just enthusiastic!

With a background of mostly (now-classic) rock and "around-the-campfire" folk, the mando has gotten me to looking a bit further afield, so I'd be enthusiastic for lots of stuff. (Except, uhmm, well... while I certainly respect the jazzers out there, I doubt that I have the chops or drive to ever actually BE one!)

As a singer, I've never been real strong. Again, lots of rock backup singing (shouting?), some even almost on harmony. But I'm working on getting up the guts to actually DO some lead singing. All encouragement is greatly appreciated (as was "The Idiot's Guide to Singing")!

Posted by New2Mando: Posted 14 Oct 2008 - Last edited 22 Sep 2010


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