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Been a long time since I've played "out". Started going to bluegrass festivals in the mid 70s. Dubbed around with dobro, banjo, fiddle and guitar. Seemed to me the "scene" has changed alot over the years. More 50k motorhomes and thanks to music videos from Aldridge, Douglas, and. Rice most musicians are sharply honned. The days of one guitar being passed around wasn't that much before my time. The only way to learn a new tune/lyrics was to be there. You would actually have to "hunt up" so and so just to hear that song you really liked. Now with the computer, presto...took all the fun out of it for me.
Anyway, I would like to "get with" some ole time fiddlers. Canadian preferred but there are some excellent Adirondack fiddlers out there. I'm alittle rusty but have a solid handle on the basics. Don't mind pounding courds, and I do have a couple of numbers I do vocals. Quite capable with harmony. Hows that? New at this computer thing, so please be patient. Thanks look forward to getting back in the saddle again.

Posted by Lowell Lee Morse: Posted 29 Jan 2009


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