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Got my 1st guitar in 1969 and have been playing on and off since then. I learned on an acoustic and had lots of fun. In Houston (grew up there) there were a lot of places for acoustic music one in particular is a coffee shop called "Sand Mountain". I did an open mic there and got to meet a lot of great players. I joined the army in '76 and was discharged in '77 with a back injury and they also gave me a pension which gives me plenty of time for music. I live in western NY State about 40 miles east of Erie,Pa. I'm married and have 2 kids (17 & 21) The 17 y/o is also a guitar player in a heavy metal band but is not interested in acoustic guitar yet! I'm hoping to meet others who would like to jam and record. I have a little studio and some decent equipment and also a PA. Thanks for stopping by, John

Posted by John Mueller: Posted 12 Jun 2011


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