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What instruments do I play?

- Guitar 15 years ( 6 seriously)
- Bass 14 years(5 seriously)electric only unfortunately...
- Mandolin 5 years ( all seriously)
- Voice 5 years ( 3 seriously)

What music do I like to play?

- anything acoustic, from Jazz to bluegrass, a lot of contemporary christian and irish traditional, some american traditional and jazz, and a few country, pop, and original tunes for good measure. i like to listen to almost everything.

My best attribute?

- minimalism - I like to play the most succinct thing that will fit in and add to the music.

my goals?

- learn to play and sing better at the same time
- loosen up
- become more a musician and less a technician
- write more originals
- play with as many people as possible
- have fun

Posted by jkf_alone: Posted 4 Aug 2010 - Last edited 4 Aug 2010


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