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I recently attended on of your sessions with my friend Kimberly Dominic, and was reconnected with my roots and love of music that I have so long let go.

I played violin for 9 years in High School, and the age of 53 realize it has been way too long since I have used my gifts of music. After returning from Arkansas and visiting with friend who sat around outside jamming, my heart was revived with my love of music and I realized I must reconnect back here in KC with folks who loved what I do.

Since my violin has been in its case for 35 years and the bow needs to restrung, along with the strings I am sure I am interested in purchasing or renting a violin to get back in the groove. I'm hoping it won't be difficult to begin again.

I will download the song book/s, attend when I am able and look forward to any leads on violin (full size) that I may purchase/rent. I live in the Northland.

My other question, are we able to download the music for a friend or two for Christmas presents? I will have it printed at Office Max.

See you in a week or two.

Jill McCumby

Posted by Jill McCumby: Posted 3 Nov 2012 - Last edited 3 Nov 2012


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