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Hi, My name is Jennifer, and I manage & book bands. I also handle the marketing & promotions, as well.

At present, I am managing an awesome Bluegrass band... Bailey's Bluegrass Mafia, aka; The C.O.B. Mafia. C.O.B. stands for Curtis O. Bailey, the Godfather of this incredible band.

Curt (Mandolin, Guitar, Percussion, & Vocals) & his wife Janet (Guitar, & Vocals)sought out to find the perfect musical family. After many years of search, & several other band attemts, they found each other, played music together, fell in love, & they have been "making music" ever since.

Their search led them from Franklin Furnace, Ohio, where they reside, to Ashland, Kentucky. They met the best percussionist in this Tri-state area... Her name is Kiah Simons. Even though Kiah's major is percussion, she took the role as bassist with the greatest of ease. Her musical talents include Guitar, Dulcimer, Upright Bass & Vocals, as well. She is the back bone & heart beat of this fantabulous band!

The search continued until Curt ran into an old friend who had left the industry about 10 years ago. Roland Maynard, an excellent Banjoist, joined our Family, and added the icing on the cake! Even though he had not played for quite sometime, I was in awe, he picked the banjo right back up as if he never left. His picking style & rolls will astound & amaze you! He simply smokes the strings near to flames!

They have all had a love for music since birth & have been playing, writing & composing music for 1/2 their lives. I am extremely proud to be representing such an incredible band. Their music, energy, & love for all man kind has sparked a fire in my heart & soul. I know they will yours, as well!

Thanks for stoping in, your support, time & interest! May you be filled with a life time of love, friendship & many other bountiful blessings!

If you have any question, or have a venue you would like to have the C.O.B. to appear at, feel free to contact me at .

Much Love,
Jennifer L. Good
Good Simons Production

Posted by JenniferLGood: Posted 8 Jan 2007 - Last edited 8 Jan 2007


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