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Hello I am a guitar player with over 25 years of experience in many styles. I enjoy meeting other musicians and participating in the occasional jam session.

Most everything is interesting although top of the list might be jazz, jazz fusion, relaxing acoustic, global/latin, fake books, charts, sight reading sessions, theory discussions, hang out with guitar enthusiasts...

I don't mind hanging out with beginners and probably can hold my own with the intermediates although I am a bit rusty and haven't played much lately.
It's all good, will enjoy playing and discussing most any style.
Is fun to meet other musicians for quick jams, week nights, week ends or on the way home from commute (Eden Prairie).

Some things I've done in the past:
Music Tech (guitar tech/mcnally smith) graduate
Guitar Teacher
Music minor degree (classical guitar and group voice)
Recorded and performed original alternative rock
Many jams over rock and roll, classical, popular, country, funk, etc.
Studied classical guitar
Heavy metal and hard rock
Started and performed with local jazz jam group
Attended Jazz in the park (McRae park in Minneapolis)
Drums, bass, vocals, keyboards for weekly coworker jam session
Familiar with Cubase recording software.


Posted by jem18rc: Posted 6 May 2009 - Last edited 29 Jul 2011


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