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I grew up playing violin, then transitioned to guitar when I was 12 years old. Neither felt quite right. Then in college I picked up a mandolin. It felt natural and I never looked back.

My love affair with playing music and the creative process is on again - off again. Sometimes I play everyday, other times I don't pick up my instrument for months. Playing with others inspires me to practice, learn traditional songs and write new music. So, now I'm on a quest to find a few like minded musicians in Southern California.

From 2001-2003, I played in an eclectic, "jam-grass" band in Los Angeles. We played mostly originals with a few covers and standards thrown in. The band's main influences were the Grateful Dead, Del McCoury Band, and Yonder Mountain String Band with a bit of funk thrown in for good measure. Then, in 2006, I played with a more traditional bluegrass meets singer-songwriter outfit in Austin, TX.

I love all types of music from traditional bluegrass to jazz, from Fela Kuti inspired Afro-beat to jambands like Phish and the Grateful Dead, from rock to roll. I'd love to learn more traditional bluegrass tunes, while also playing originals written by you and me.

Posted by greatdanehaltertop: Posted 3 Jul 2009


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