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Born in Detroit, Michigan in 1960, David has been involved in music all of his life, beginning as a concert band clarinet player at age 8 and turning his attention to stringed instruments at 10 years old, first as a banjo player and then as a guitar player. He began performing as early as high school and later earned first and second place trophies in group talent competitions while a student at the University of Michigan. The instructor earned a Bachelors degree in Organizational Psychology from the University of Michigan and a Masters in Public Administration from the Edwin O. Stene Graduate Program In Public Administration at the University of Kansas. In addition, he also took various courses in classical music and music history.

His lifetime passion consists of teaching music and performing as a musician. In addition to on-stage performances, Mr. Jakubiak has played in various venues from outdoor festivals to small nightclubs. The instructor plays, performs and teaches various styles of music. His diverse background includes rock, pop, blues, jazz, classical, country and bluegrass styles. He performs and teaches acoustic and electric guitar in both finger-style and flat-picking techniques for guitar. In addition, as an instructor of the five-string banjo, Mr. Jakubiak has explored diverse styles ranging from Scruggs three finger picking techniques to jazz, blues, and classical banjo. Finally, Mr. Jakubiak teaches various styles for playing Mandolin.

For nearly 30 years, Mr. Jakubiak has taught all age groups and takes a personal interest in each student to ensure that they receive personal attention and lesson plans that meet their needs and interests. Students learn various styles of guitar as well as the five string banjo and the mandolin. His lessons and instructional materials place a strong emphasis on music theory to ensure that the student understands the instrument and how to improvise to develop their own style. Mr. Jakubiak currently teaches a variety of group classes in acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin and the five string banjo at two local community high schools. Mr. Jakubiak is credited with producing six instructional books on CD entitled “Basic Guitar Concepts – Volume I”, “Learning The Five String Banjo – Volume I”, "Performing Bluegrass and Accompanying Other Musicians (Volume I and II)" "Guitar For Children" and "Introduction to the Mandolin". Additional volumes are currently being produced and will soon be available.

To contact David Jakubiak, please feel free to e-mail him or see his website at

Posted by fretmentor: Posted 12 Oct 2008


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