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Just discovered this site thia morning as I was looking for a jam to attend here in KC....

I've been a professional musician and stringed instrument repair/luthier all of my adult life. I currently have more that 200 instruments built and have just set up shop here.

My musical interests are mostly swing/old time jazz standards, with a good mix of western swing and 60's pop thrown in( I grew up on Bob Wills and the Beatles).

My instruments are oriented towards great "acoustic" response, while allowing some of the more positive aspects of "electric" to shine through....good sustain in the trebles, and zero feedback problems.

I'm also looking for a good bassist to perhaps set up a performance group...two or three persons. I have a strong clear singing voice( some might say TOO strong ), and a great working knowledge of PA systems and electronics.

More later.....

Dave Wendler

Posted by dave251: Posted 6 Jun 2009


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