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Because I built a washtub bass (I'm a washtub bass strangler) which had legs to hold it up off the ground. That was when it was being used as a chicken brooder to keep the hens from trampling the chicks. Had it in my AFM union membership if anyone needed a strangler, but never got any calls. WBass isn't all about woop-woop you know. Sometimes you gotta grab the string and stick around the middle of the stick.

I'm 62, male, long-haired grey married hippie (CSUC 1987 Sociology)...have a 1950s Hungarian Bass Viol school model(the WBass got "left behind" when Little Miss Loosie tried to steal our property for her fundamentalist deacon...long sad blues/living on the street/working at a group home...)my son, (Mich. Grd. Sch. 2002, Engineering) is a player in a professional Cubano band in the Virgin son-in-law is playing Rockabilly in the Tip Top Trio. I decided I could be a bass player when I worked my way through college as a public radio employee. Engineered many live on-air studio sessions for Lorraine Dechter (Yellow Autumn Minstrels)with Utah Phillips (rest in peace). Played for fun on the SF-Oakland Ferry in the party band during the last five years of the .com bubble. One of the founders of the Chico Blues Society.

Posted by Chickenleg Cleve: Posted 20 Sep 2008


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