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O'siyo all, (Hello in Cherokee)

The short and corn-densed con-verjun of who I is is this........ I'm a 54 year old Retiree from the military. I figured I needed to find me different
interest to occupy my time especially since I can't kill anyone anymore.
Soooooo, I've always loved music. Sooooooo, here I is. For the past 10 years
I've taught myself to play the upright bass. I tried just about all other accoustic instruments and gave up on them. But I found that from day one I could play the upright bass. I have great timing and really enjoy slapping the bass, since I can't slap my dog or wife without going to jail. I also have Native American roots along with my Heinz 57 variety family roots.

e-mail me if you know of any weekend jams going on around Cincinnati.

Kili,(later in Cherokee)
Mikey B.

Posted by bassman1: Posted 5 Jan 2010 - Last edited 31 May 2010


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