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Hi folks,
I'm Scott Bailey,age 67,live with wife Ginny in Ft.McCoy
Fla.area.I play moderate bluegrass on guitar,banjo,and bass.Wife also plays elec.bass and sings lead.I sing some lead but mostly harmonize with her.Been playing elec.lead
on Tele for 46+years.I love bluegrass and older country music.We sang with Gospel Echos on CH 20 out of Tampa from
2003 to 2005 every Sun afternoon.Now looking to jam/socialize with folks of like interests.
My instruments are
Acoustic Blueridge 140 Guitar
Morgan Monroe Cascade MFB-5DX Banjo
Fender Telecaster,Made in USA
Peavey T-60 Guitar
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Limited Amp
Fender R/25 Amp
Fender Jazz Bass
Fender Rumble Bass Amp
Some recording equiptment....

Posted by banjoscotty: Posted 19 Apr 2007


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