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Danilo Cartia is one of the few self-made banjo players (5 strings banjo) in Italy. He is also an acoustic (flat-picking and finger picking style) and electric (blues ,country blues) guitar player as well as an arranger, composer, vocalist and teacher (guitar and 5 strings banjo). He discovered guitar at the age of 6.At the end of the 70s he was devoted to the traditional American music as guitar and banjo player and vocalist in many bands. Giancarlo Cesaroni's "Folkstudio", memorable club and cradle of traditional and ethnic music, helped him start his musical career. Many trips to the USA allowed him to become aquainted with many american musicians and to improve his style and repertory. In the early 80s, he was one of the first to introduce bluegrass music in Italy. He now performs with many bands, combining different tastes styles and musical emotions: Danilo Cartia Band (bluegrass, blues, rockgrass), BJG Roots Music (bluegrass,jazz,gospel), Blue Frets (country, blues, ballads)and he is frequently a special guest in many other bands sessions.

Posted by banjoman106: Posted 25 Dec 2009


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