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Rcently, over in Myspace with some of the more ordinary sorts who actually want to play music and not just freak each other out, we'd dscussed the idea of a venue in the University area, as Hewitts on a monday night, while a great wee audience, is problematic for those who have to work the next day, as like most open mic nights, it doesnt start till near 10pm, and if like me, you;re up and ready for 6am, doesnt allow you to stay, have a wee drink and listen to others. The Rotterdam, much as I love it, is packing out on sunday nights for total professionals, pats is scary as hell, and I like my dental work, thanks. the front page is no place for women, and so on :(

The idea of another venue, which is a coffee shop, was flitted past, but they demand that a) you're a full member of NIMIC( which knocks out the hobby players) and also, you need to be able to play for at least an hour. personally I think I;d be on valium after spending an hour playing guitar in front of folks!I already only function on 3 songs= 2 morgan spiceds ratio!

so... as I also write for Ulster Music, just a wee bit , mind, the ed had suggested a venue in south belfast, which many years ago, when I was an A level student, I spent many drunken and ahem , botany induced joviality states in. They're perhaps interested in starting more of an old fashioned jam than actual open mic's.... and early in the evening, may starting 730-8pm, so is starting to pooter out by 11pm, which allows workers to be in their beds for midnight.

if any locals are interested in pursuing this idea, please let me know, and I'll make further enquiries. Would be rather nice to have a non - threatening place in the city for this sort of thing!

Posted by The Amateur: Posted 16 Mar 2008


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