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I grew up in Iowa and I always quote Johnny Carson who said “Iowa is a great place to be from”. I started playing guitar around the age of 13. I was one of many who were mesmerized by Bob Dylan. One summer at camp Wapsie Y one of the counselors had a guitar and played “Blowin in the Wind” and I thought that is for me. I got away from it in high school but came back to it in college and beyond. I played on the street corners of Europe in the mid seventies and all around the US in the late seventies mostly as a second guitarist behind acoustic singer guitar players. All during this time I explored alternate tunings and finger style guitar. I even studied classical for a bit.

During the 80’s and 90’s I took twenty year hiatus and settled into a career in management and the guitar took a back seat to raising a family. I "noodled" with it every once in a while, but was never very serious although I knew I would eventually get back to it.

So here I am. While I have played electric guitar in the past I am now focused on the acoustic. I always believed that the acoustic provided one with true freedom. That is after all why we play any instrument. I have been influenced by many artists playing many instruments in many genres and they are too many to mention.

Posted by 6stringdavey: Posted 25 Sep 2009


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