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Been playing drums for 40 years. Started with rock in the early days and played with Thought Crimes in the 80's.

Still love rock but have been playing more jazz gigs and love hard bop, Coltrane, Davis, etc. Also love, blues, rhythm & blues, soul and rap Linkin Park style. Always open to new ideas.

Looking for cats in the Palm Beach Gardens area who would like to jam, mostly for fun but can play gigs too. Have time to start a band and practice 4-5 days a week.

My other passion is health and anti-aging. Check out my site at www.NewSuperHuman.com. I'm not a doctor but can give some good tips to people who are sick or want to slow their aging.

Get in touch. Peace out and spread the Love.

Posted by 1webmind: Posted 13 Dec 2009 - Last edited 13 Dec 2009


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