Searching for open acoustic music jam sessions? can help. is about bringing musicians together to play acoustic music in many different styles.

You have probably already seen our homepage where we list all of the upcoming jam sessions near your location. This is the essence of what we are providing through - an easy way to find acoustic jam sessions near a given location. When you visit we do our best to guess at where you are based on information your web browser provides to us, and we let you set your location to customize your view. Once the site knows about your location, it customizes nearly every display to show you only the jams that are within a fairly large radius of that location.

Our database is built from contributions. If you run or attend a jam session regularly and want to spread the word about it, please register with us and post your jam. If your jam follows a regular schedule, such as the third Tuesday of every other month or weekly on Monday nights, you only need to enter the jam once on and configure the repeat logic. will calculate future session dates for as long as your jam continues.

In addition to making it very easy to locate jam sessions, we've also built tools to help you keep your web site up to date. We (Scott and Shawn, the founders) have found countless web pages describing jam sessions where the information is just slightly out of date because the site's maintainer has not had a chance to update the page with the date of the next installment of their monthly jam session. Scott had exactly this problem on, where he maintained a list of Kansas City and Lawrence, KS area jam sessions for some time.

By using our RSS feeds, you can ensure that your web pages are always current with the latest dates for your jam session(s). You can see examples and learn more about our RSS feeds by visiting our RSS feeds help section.

Welcome to and our community of jammers on the web. Please do register with us today and add your jam session to the database.

Posted by root: Posted 23 Mar 2006 - Last edited 19 Mar 2007

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