Old Time Fiddle Music Jam

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7:00 pm
10:00 pm
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This is a jam dedicated to learning Old Time Fiddle Tunes. We attempt to play in the style of the oldest sources we can find. We meet weekly in a home (confirm before coming!) and usually learn one new tune a night and play others that we have worked on in previous jams. We slow tunes down to learn their details and then gradually bring them up to speed. We learn by listening.

Some of our favorites are the Skillet Lickers, Buddy Thomas, Jimmy Wheeler, Gary Harrison, Armin Burnett, Emmett Lundy, Edden Hammons, William Stepp, Ed Haley, Bruce Greene, George Lee Hawkins, John Morgan Salyer, Mississipi String Bands and many more.

Frequently we are joined by many fiddles, guitar, banjo, bass and mandolin.
If you are seriously interested in Old Time Music you are welcome! We meet close to downtown Columbus Ohio 43205.

Email for more information:
Please put Fiddle & Banjo in the Subject line.


Home Columbus, OH 43205
United States

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