Fiddler's Tour

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Jennifer Stafford

Fiddler's Tour - Every Tuesday in a Different Location Each Month
Fiddlers' Tour is a "Round Robin" music session of local traditional fiddle music folk who meet every Tuesday night, all year round, in various places (changing monthly). We are not a performance band. We are open to any age or ability. We go around the circle and each person takes a turn selecting tunes to play and the playing speed of those tunes (no pressure, you can pass on your turn, if you choose). Group size varies (8-25 musicians), and we never know who will show up. Our life and business backgrounds are varied, but the love of playing this style of music is shared by all.


NY Capital District Albany and surrounding area, NY
United States
Posted by Tri-City Trad.Com: Write private message - Posted 31 Dec 2010 - Last edited 31 Dec 2010

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