Charlotte Folk Society Celtic Sessions

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Monthly on 3rd Sunday, 4th Sunday (view full repeat details)
2:00 pm
5:00 pm
Sunday, May 26, 2019; Sunday, June 16, 2019; Sunday, June 23, 2019
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John Goldsbury (

The Celtic Sessions at the Charlotte Folk Society are informal gatherings of local musicians focusing on Celtic Tunes played in the session style. Now we have a pretty good idea of what an accomplished session sounds like, and with all due props and respect to those fine musicians, our sights are a bit more humble. We play a selection of Jigs, Hornpipes, Reels, and Waltzes from Ireland, Scotland, Eastern Canada, and New England. Our goal is to learn new tunes played in the various styles that have been influenced by Celtic Traditions.

We meet at the Asbury Care Center in the Aldersgate Retirement community on the 3rd Saturday of the month for a slow Celtic session, and in players' homes in a North Charlotte location for a 4th Sunday afternoon intermediate level gathering. You'll need to get on our super special Celtic Session email list to learn the dates and places, as these will change from one month to the next. To get added to that list, email John Goldsbury (

Sessions usually run from 2 PM till 5:00 'ish, and at the intermediate session, snacks and beverages are welcome. Come prepared to play a lot!

We have a tune list, and we've put many of these together into "Sets" of two or three tunes. Suggested settings for many of these are available at our web page ( Other sources for these tunes can be found through the links on the page.

Some simple guidelines for our gatherings:

•All acoustic instruments welcome. We currently sport fiddles, whistles, bodhrans (and other percussion), hammered dulcimers, accordion, mandolin, guitars, and a bass. We've been favored with flute, concertina, and harp; along with an occasional ballad or rousing song.
•While the slow jam is targetted towards new players and those learning a second (or third) instrument, the intermediate session can at times be rather lively!

We really hope you make one of our sessions!

Ed (


We meet at various homes. Please get on the email list for info Charlotte, NC
United States
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