Pretty Shaky String Band (Session)

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8:00 pm
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Frank Barrett
517 214 7658

The Pretty Shaky String Band is an East Lansing institution. Although referred to as a band, it is in fact one of the oldest open sessions in Michigan. Shaky's have been meeting each Wednesday night for over twenty five years. Many of Michigan's finest folk musicians are Shaky alumni.

The Shaky's are a friendly and laid back group. Musicians of all levels are welcome. A round robin format is followed, so everyone gets a chance to pick tunes. Originally strictly an old-timey session Shaky's has be evolved to also embrace some Celtic and French-Canadian influence.

A great place to tune up for the upcoming festival season, learn new tunes or share your favorites!


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405 Grove St
East Lansing, MI
United States
Steven C. Wyer's picture
Steven C. Wyer
Union ,California
United States

Member since
September 16, 2012
So excited to see them soon!

So excited to see them soon! They are one of the oldest open sessions in Michigan. Steven C. Wyer

Submitted by Steven C. Wyer on Sun, 2012/09/16 - 1:19pm.

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