Open Call for Bands & Musicians - RockinBlue RoadHouse© Formimg New Jam Series - Ma's Triple J Jam Session

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I am making my Open Call for Bands & Musicians to get on da RockinBlue RoadHouse© BandWagon with our NEW "Ma's Triple J Jam Session." My vision of this Pro Jam Session is to reach out and welcome Pro & up & coming Musicians and Bands of all Americana Music Genres. ♫ ♫ ♫Pro Seasoned Musicians of Passion performing all genres of Music. My penchant is Rock & Blues. Musicians who have studied practiced rehearsed composed collaborated recorded colleagued performed dreamed & schemed & worked & promoted & progressed and who get up every day to live & thrill to :repeat: and realize how fortunate & blessed they are to have been bestowed their gift of ♫MUSIC♫ talent. Musicians who have earned respect and recognition and give the same freely and joyfully to their ♫Music♫ Brothas & Sistas. Musicians who Feel their Passion with their Hearts; see their Music as the Mirrors to their Souls; Touch their instruments with both treasured reverence and reckless wild abandon, and Taste and Savor the sweetness of the Success to inspire and stimulate and move and satisfy their audience. Brave Musicians who fearlessly show us what they got in the studio & on stage; Strong Musicians who go on stage & tear it up; Intense Musicians who aim to put showcase performance songs IN DA POCKET. Musicians who embrace & celebrate that ♫MUSIC♫ is one of their key LifeForces that they require to live and to thrive in concert with sun, air, sustenance, and water.

♫ ♫ ♫OPEN CALL FOR BANDS to BOOK '10 & '11 SCHEDULE for our new UTV AMERICANA MUSIC SHOWCASE CONCERT CABLE TV SERIES. Kindly drop me a line wich ya BAND WS ADDY & EPK, and I will reply with all the particulars in 24 hours.♫ ♫ ♫


To be determined Topeka, KS
United States

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