St. Petersburg/Tampa Folk Sing Out Jam Out ("SOJO")

Monthly on 1st Sunday (view full repeat details)
1:30 pm
4:30 pm
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Rick's email:

Come to our hootenannies and help us raise the roof the first and third Sunday of every month. We meet in a comfortable church community room near downtown St Petersburg, FL from 1:30 to 4:30 with a break halfway through. IF YOU KNOW THIS MUSIC, WANT TO SING IT LOUD AND PROUD AND/OR PLAY AN INSTRUMENT, WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO MEETING YOU!!!

SOJO is about singing all kinds of music ranging from well-known traditional songs, to old-time Americana, all the way around to songs by the big names in folk and folk/rock from the '50s up to the present. And what's a sing along without some Beatles, pop songs, rock songs, traditional British songs and Irish folk songs? We mix it up, but folk music is our anchor.

We use the Rise Up Singing songbook as our main source for most of our songs, but participants may also bring lyrics and chords to songs not found in the book and hand out copies. We gather in a circle and each member selects a song for the group to sing and play. Each member also has the option of going solo, teaching a song, leading an alternate version of a song, or passing altogether. But if you know the song, we want you to participate!

The first Sing Out Jam Out ("SOJO") started in March 2007 in Arlington, VA, followed in February 2011 by the Ft Lauderdale area SOJO. Now Tampa Bay gets to experience the magical camaraderie of getting together twice a month to sing and play folk, folk/rock and pop songs we all know and love (or are willing to learn!).

WHILE THE EMPHASIS IS ON SINGING TOGETHER, your musical instrument is a welcome and valuable accompaniment to the chorus of voices. We warmly welcome harmonicas, mandolins, banjos, hammered and mountain dulcimers, fiddles, basses, autoharps, concertinas, and all acoustic stringed and wind instruments. Some instrumentalists sing along with us, some just play. All the rest make a joyful noise with just their voices. Since these are sing alongs based around the Rise Up Singing songbook, participants are strongly encouraged to have their own copies of the book. Check eBay,,,, etc. for low-priced used copies. You can also buy new copies direct from for $18 or $25 depending on print size. Rise Up Singing is not too easy to find at local bookstores. You may also borrow a copy (we have a one time only borrow policy as we don't have many to go around).

See these links to get an even better idea of what we're about:

The premier SOJO in VA:

Songs you're very likely to hear:

More about our format:

Pictures of past SOJOs:

The Ft Lauderdale area SOJO:

We're all about enjoying the camaraderie that comes with singing and playing music with enthusiastic like-minded people in a friendly, welcoming environment!

We're a fun non-judgmental group for all skill levels! COME CHECK US OUT!


Church Community Room
St Petersburg, FL
United States

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