Clify Fire Station Monday Night Jam

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6:30 pm
11:00 pm
Monday, July 1, 2019; Monday, July 8, 2019; Monday, July 15, 2019
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People from Carroll and Madison counties gather Monday evenings for desert, music, talk, cards or dominoes. Fifteen to 25 folk, gospel, and bluegrass musicians form an acoustic song circle. Typically the music starts with slower songs and gets faster and more bluegrassy as the evening progresses. All acoustic musicians and singers welcome.

Note. There will be NO JAM on Dec 24 or Dec 31due to holidays.


Clifty Fire Station
CR 8617 Uphill behind the Clifty Store on Hwy 12
Clifty, AR 72756
United States
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Springdale ,Arkansas
United States

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December 14, 2008
The Big Freeze in Clifty

Wow! Haven't felt a chill like that since the ice storm here in NW Ar. I've played music in this area for years, with all ages and types of people, and never felt unwelcome before.The irony is, I finally managed to beak my 14 year old son away from the computer and brought him along to check it out. He's just learning to play and I thought I'd expose him to something traditional and edifying.We went in without instruments to sit and listen for a while, as I typically do, so as not to appear intrusive.We sat and listened with interest but got nothing but the " who are you and what are you doing here?" stare. Like I said,never happened to me before in 25 plus years in music.I'm not thin skinned nor am I rabble rousing, it's just unfortunate that I wasn't able to engage my son in something that I enjoy so much and that he seemed excited to venture out for. For the record; I've never posted a comment on any site or blog before in my life.Maybe it was never intended to be an "open thing and that's fine. I've got no beef with that. Just felt strongly about this and don't believe this should be posted if "others" aren't welcome. Don't mean to sound vindictive or hateful, just suffice it to say we'll never go back. By the way I'm a local. Lived and played music in Madison and Washington County for years.

signed,( what's the word?)

Submitted by Bodeen on Mon, 2009/05/11 - 9:26pm.
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Eric Knowles
Eureka Springs ,Arkansas
United States

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March 10, 2007
Sorry you had that

Sorry you had that experience, Bodeen. We're a lot more sensitive about welcoming and supporting visitors into the song circle. Say "howdy, I'm visiting from ....", join the circle, and you'll leave with lots of good memories and lots of new friends.

Submitted by Eric Knowles on Tue, 2012/12/11 - 8:33am.

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