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4:30 pm
Sunday, June 30, 2019; Sunday, July 7, 2019; Sunday, July 14, 2019

Posting a notice of an open Jam hosted out of one of out local music stores in Ottawa, On. Canada.

There are very few organized BG Jams in our area so I wanted to adverse this one. For now it once a month, dependent on organizers availability. Please see folklore center website for updates or changes.

Ottawa Folklore Centre
1111 Bank Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1S 3X4

23 Sep 2012 Open Bluegrass Jam 2:30 to4:30 pm, no charge

Paul Roberto
Jamming Bluegrass Style with Paul Roberto of the Dusty Drifters. Join Paul (aka Paulie), multi-instrumentalist and leader of Ottawa bluegrass sensation the Dusty Drifters, for a friendly beginner to intermediate player bluegrass jam. All ages and instruments welcome (well almost… sorry drummers!) but keep in mind that you should have a few basic chords and some strumming experience. As an added bonus for this group, if you and Paul feel that you’re ready, he could very well invite you to sit in on a tune or two at Irenes some Sunday evening, where the Drifters have a regular spot. This group is excellent for meeting other people, making some connections and applying all that practicing that you’ve been doing.


Ottawa Folklore Centre
1111 Bank Street
Ottawa, ON K1S 3X4
Posted by kenansharon: Write private message - Posted 19 Sep 2012 - Last edited 20 Sep 2012

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