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15 Jun 2007 5:00 pm
17 Jun 2007 5:00 pm
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Ok, so what is an UNFEST?

It's NOT:
advised, aforethought, calculated, conscious, considered, cut-and-dried*, designed, designful, express, fixed, intended, judged, meticulous, planned, pondered, prearranged, predesigned, predeterminate, predetermined, premeditated, prepense, projected, provident, prudent, purposed, purposeful, purposive, reasoned, resolved, schemed, scrupulous, studied, studious, thought out, thoughtful, voluntary, wary, weighed, willful, with forethought, or witting.

What it is:

A bunch of people getting together in a beautiful campground to jam all weekend. Even though we don't plan it, a turkey just happens to do a half gainer into a pot of boiling oil for the banquet that is also unplanned for Friday evening (bring stuff if you come for the eats). After that it's unplanned jamming with NO stage acts, NO workshops, NO vendor tent. Just a couple of hundred of Paul and Cindy's closest friends gathering together to make a lot of noise on a perfect weekend.


Whispering Waters Campground
1805 N. Irving Road
Middleville, MI 49058-5982
United States

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