Irish Super Session!

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13 Feb 2011 7:00 pm
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Bruce Evans
616 780 4066

It's the weekend after super bowl. You hate basketball and weird guys skating around an indoor frozen pond with sticks don't grab you either. You recognize the signs of cabin fever, painting complete rooms in red and orange paint, tossing your Blu Ray out the window just to hear what sound it makes when it hits the ground, thinking how hot that person is while they walk around looking like the Michelein man. Mannnnn! You need a jam session!

Right here in sunny/75 degree Grand Rapids (you knew that is a lie, right?) we're having a SUPER SESSION! We invite all pervayors of musical instruments with strings, wooden holes in them and covered with goat skin to join us at McFaddens the week after Super Bowl. We promise there'll be tons of out of tune instruments so you'll fit right in and everybody'll get a chance to show off their "hot" tune. Time's a wasting so plan on it!


McFadden's Pub
58 Ionia S.E.
Grand Rapids, MI
United States

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