Arvada CO Ukulele Song Circle

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Monthly on 4th Tuesday (view full repeat details)
7:00 pm
9:30 pm
Tuesday, June 25, 2019; Tuesday, July 23, 2019; Tuesday, August 27, 2019
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Join at our website for more information.
Join at our website for more information.

Ukulele is where it’s at and we’re about sharing the love of this wonderful little, yet powerful, instrument. Come join us in Arvada CO (near 64th & Ward) each 4th Tuesday evening from 7:00pm until the ukers are all strummed out. Ukulele players of all levels and those who just want to sing along are welcome…(Think of it as a Karauke Bar :) Arvada is close to Denver and Boulder. Join at our website for more information.

We’ll start the evening off by doing a few easy tunes geared to loosen the fingers. They will be taught if beginners are there for the first time. Everyone is encouraged to bring songs to share (please bring copies.) We will also encourage the sharing of quick Ukulele tips and tricks.

We plan to build a Favorites Song Book, so you can print and familiarize yourself with them ahead of time. The Jim Beloff ukulele song books may also be used, so bring them. We look forward to strummin’ with you! (:o)==::

(P.S. the Host and Hostess will not be liable for someone turning into a Ukeholic and having to go through a 4 string program:)


Private residence
Join at our website to find more information.
Arvada, CO 80004
United States
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