Wednesday Night Tunes

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Weekly on Wednesday (view full repeat details)
8:00 pm
Wednesday, June 19, 2019; Wednesday, June 26, 2019; Wednesday, July 3, 2019
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Jeff Haemer

Every Wednesday, no matter what.

Been going on for over 30 years. Mostly Southeastern & Southwestern tunes, but there are no tune police.


My house
960 Ithaca Dr
Boulder, CO 80305-6326
United States
Posted by Jeffrey Haemer: Write private message - Posted 27 Oct 2010
brenirish's picture
Pennsauken ,New Jersey
United States

Member since
February 7, 2010
What other types of instruments are included

Any mountain dulcimer and guitars

Submitted by brenirish on Sun, 2012/05/06 - 11:40pm.

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