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Folkjam.org provides several different ways to extract jam sessions and festivals through RSS. The rules for building up a valid folkjam.org RSS feed URL can be found here.

This is a list of examples on how to format our RSS feed URLs.

Description RSS Feed URL
Jams nearCambridge, MA, your current location. http://www.folkjam.org/feed/jam/postcode/us/02139
A list of upcoming jams near Tampa, Florida http://www.folkjam.org/feed/jam/postcode/us/33601
Jams near lat/lon 27.95/-82.46 (which also happens to be Tampa, FL) http://www.folkjam.org/feed/jam/geo/27.95/-82.46
Alphabetic list of jams within a 40 mile radius of St. Louis, MO http://www.folkjam.org/feed/jam/postcode/us/63119?sort=title&distance=40
List of upcoming festivals in a 20 mile radius of Winfield, Kansas http://www.folkjam.org/feed/jam/postcode/us/67156?type=festival&distance=20&sort=upcoming
List of festivals and jams in a 35 mile radius of Winfield, Kansas listed by title http://www.folkjam.org/feed/jam/postcode/us/67156?type=festival,jam&distance=35&sort=title
A feed showing only the weekly sessions of a bluegrass jam in Woodstock, New York with a custom title http://www.folkjam.org/feed/jam/node/2081?title=Pizza+and+bluegrass+together+again
The next six upcoming sessions of the Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association jams and the weekly Woodstock bluegrass jam http://www.folkjam.org/feed/jam/node/2081+2078?count=6
Posted by scott.mclewin: Posted 17 Aug 2006 - Last edited 2 Oct 2006

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