How does the site decide my starting city?

When an anonymous visitor views our site we make a guess on where they are on the planet. We do this based on information their computer tells us, specifically the IP address. The database we use to do that is about 60% accurate. For most people their location comes up as nearby, as most broadband Internet providers connect their network up to the 'net somewhere close. Dial-up users have a less consistent experience. We find that many AOL users start in Potwin, Kansas in the US.

An anonymous visitor who lives in or near Tampa, Florida would be very likely to have the site start them in Tampa just as a visitor from London a map of the City of London.

When a registered user visits, we start them in the city they entered in their profile.

When web sites link to us they can create a link with an explicit start city, overriding this behavior. Learn how to create a link with an explicit start city.

Posted by scott.mclewin: Posted 13 Mar 2007

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