Private group events

Each group has a map of private events within that group. These maps are just like the public maps on, except that they are only visible to members of the group.

The maps show upcoming group events. Below the map is a list of events.

Because the events in groups could cover a very wide area, we've added some additional navigational aids. Each event in the list has a pin icon to the left of it. Hover over this pin with your mouse cursor and the map will center to that event. When you move the mouse off of the pin, the map will slide back to where ever it was. If you click on the pin, the map will center on that event and stay there until you move it again.

All group members have the right to add events. Unlike the events on fokjam's main event maps, these events are not moderated. If you see an inappropriate post please contact the administrators.

Posted by scott.mclewin: Posted 14 Mar 2007 - Last edited 14 Mar 2007

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