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We at folkjam.org feel that one of the most important services we provide to the community is the validation of events so that jams which are no longer being held do not appear on the list of events in that area. The ability to maintain an up to date list of events is at the core of our website organization and represents one of the chief reasons we leave it up to members of the community to submit and maintain the jam listings. We can't be everywhere nor call everyone to verify that an event is still occurring and so we turn to the community to provide us with that information.

The central tool that we use to keep our lists up to date is an automated e-mail which is sent to the submitter of an event with a link that takes them back to the site to view a page with the event details. On this validation page are several simple buttons for accepting, editing or suspending the event. If the maintainer of the event clicks on the accept button (or edits and then saves the event), then we know the jam, festival or camp is up to date and it will remain on our lists. If the maintainer does not respond to the event within a certain amount of time (see details page) or clicks the 'suspend' button, then the event will be removed from our maps and calendars.

The verification or updating of an event only takes a few seconds, but this process is vital to keeping our listings as up to date as possible for everyone who visits the site. We appreciate the efforts of all of our submitters and other members of the community who help support us by providing the best information we can to the rest of the playing community.

Posted by shawn: Posted 13 May 2007 - Last edited 13 May 2007

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