Groups are to help musicians get jams going in the first place, to run/coordinate private jams, to keep in touch or just to find like minded musicians.

Groups are communities. To participate in a group you must subscribe to it. Some groups allow instant subscription, others require that a group administrator accept your subscription request. Groups can also be by-invitation only, in which case you must be invited in to the group.

By default groups appear in our group directory and can appear on the national group map for your country. A group administrator can keep a group out of the directory, in which case you can only find out about it by somebody inviting you in.

Our groups can optionally be associated with a location. Groups with locations appear on our local and national level jam maps right along side jam, festival and workshop listings.

Every group has a private forum and a private jam map, both for members only. You can post jam sessions that only group members can see on the group map. Use this to run an established private jam or to start the cycle of a regular jam in your area.

To use groups you must be a registered user with a validated email address. Registration is free. Join us today.

Posted by scott.mclewin: Posted 10 Mar 2007 - Last edited 10 Mar 2007

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