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I just contributed a jam/festival/camp, where is it?
When you submit a jam it is placed into our moderation system for review by one of our site moderators. You can see your contribution and can refine and edit it while it is waiting for approval. When a contribution is approved you will receive email confirmation. The post will be immediatly available on our maps and calendars. You should allow up to 48 hours for your jam to appear in search results, and up to 72 hours for a new jam to appear on our RSS feeds.
What is the geographic scope of
folkjam's initial focus is on music in North America and primarily in the United States. While we've written our software to support a far broader audience, we have not gotten every piece of functionality working outside of the US. We are partially dependent on support from our underlying platform, Drupal. If you are interested in extending folkjam to work in your country, please contact us. If you can make sure that all of the modules we use are translated into your local language, and ensure that Drupal's location.module has support for your country, we will work with you to upgrade folkjam for your country. You will be enlisted to certify for your region whenever a new release is made.
Why did you do this?
First and foremost, to be able to find jams when we travel. We've found countless web pages with suspect or incomplete information on jam sessions. Many sites attempt to keep up with their 'next session date', but not all page owners remember to update their dates. In many cases the actual jam session 'owner' is not the person who has put the information on the web and it gets out of date. We love to play music and wanted a way to find music outside of our home community. All of this is self serving. It's all about us. For our sake, please contribute your local jams so that we can attend them and stay out of trouble when we visit your town.
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I found your form for opening an account difficult. It told me that I had to accept the terms but could not find where to check that I did.

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