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Here is what each of our menu options do.

In our banner are several options for accessing content on our site. You should keep in mind that searches for content in two different ways. Most of our displays automatically show you only the data in your local area. We guess at your local area and suggest that you change your location if we get it wrong. The second method of search is via our search box at the top of every page - it searches all of our content regardless of where you are.

Musical style
Searches for jams in your local area based on the musical style tag(s) that the contributor submitted.
Searches for jams in your local area based on the instrument tag(s) that the contributor submitted.
Change the location folkjam uses for your searches.
This week
Jams happening this week in your local area.
This month
Jams happening this month in your local area.

Find Local Jams

local jam overview
Brings you back to the home page. Among other things, this page shows you a list of upcomming jams in the local area as well as a map.
local jam calendar
Shows a month by month calendar of jams in your local area
local jam list
Displays a list of all of the jam sessions in your local area. The results can be sorted by several different columns.
local jam map
Displays a map showing all jams within your local area. You can click on the pin for any jam to get further information.
local jam report
Downloads an Adobe .pdf file with a single page report of jams in your local area. Print out a handful of these and take them to the next jam session you attend.
change your location
All of the 'Find Local Jams' menu options show you data that is near where folkjam thinks you are. You can look at other cities by changing your location.

Find National Jams

national jam map
Displays a map with a pin for every jam and festival in the United States. You can zoom in/out on the map and scroll it to find what you are looking for. Note that we are working to make this menu option show you a map of your country rather than the US.

Find Worldwide Jams

world jam map
Displays a map with a pin for every jam and festival we have in our database. You can zoom in/out on the map and scroll it to find what you are looking for.
list all jams
Shows a breakdown of all the jam sessions on broken down by country, region/state and postal code.


contribute a recurring jam session
Our contributors are our primary source of jam session information. Have you contributed yet? This menu item allows you to contribe a recurring jam session to
contribute a single session jam
If your jam session only happens on a single date or happens irregulary then contribute a session on a specific date.
contribute an acoustic music camp
Is your music camp or workshop listed on You can add it to our database here.
contribute a festival
If you run or attend a folk festival and want it listed on, go here.
additional contributions accepts contributions beyond our main acoustic jam/festival/camp types. This menu expands to show you all of the content types you are able to contribute to folkjam.
recent contributions
See the latest entries in our database, find out who our biggest contributors are and watch folkjam grow.
Festival Calendar
View the upcoming festivals in our database
Acoustic Music Camp Calendar
View the calendar of acoustic music camps and workshops
Discuss folk music with other members of the community, find tips and guidelines for playing at jams and make requests to start new jams in your area.


what's new
What is new and improved on See news from the folkjam team as we continue to improve the site.
jam guidelines
Ever wondered what the 'rules of jamming' look like? We still wonder, but with these handy guidelines written by jammers we break the rules less frequently than we used to.
user locations
Where are the users of folkjam?
news aggregator
We bring together news feeds on folk music from around the web and make them easy for you to browse and read.
put listings on your site
Did you know that is more than what you see here? Our back end systems can be tapped using RSS to put jam session dates on your web site. Do you maintain a web site where you maintain information on a local jam? Are you sick of editing it just to update the date every week or month? Learn how you can edit your site one last time and then count on to keep your dates current.
link to
We think folkjam is awesome and we hope that you do too. Help us spread the word by putting a link to on your web site.
About Us
What massive corporation built Not quite. It was massive cooperation between two friends and countless contributors.
What do you think of our service and our site? We really want to know.
Will bring you to these help screens.
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