Tools for web site administrators provides a handful of useful tools to web admins who maintain folk music web sites.

If you want to direct your users to, we provide folkjam logos in varying sizes on our linking guidelines page.

We provide access to our database of jams through RSS, which is an internet standard for delivering feeds from web sites. What sort of feeds? Well, that depends on the web site. A news site is likely to provide a list of current news headlines. A jam site provides lists of jams. You can read more about what RSS feeds are available from our site on our jam feeds page.

What can you do with an RSS feed? A whole bunch. Modern web browsers allow users to create dynamic bookmarks based on RSS feeds. These bookmark lists show the current subjects from a site's RSS feed. Or, an RSS client can be installed on your computer that will notify you when there are new subjects on a site's RSS feed. And, most critically for you as a web site administrator, you can pull content from an RSS feed and place it in your web pages.

Do you currently hand-maintain HTML pages with lists of jams sponsored by your organization? With a combination of RSS and a little JavaScript you can display a list of upcoming jams in your city that always remains current, just like our 'upcoming jams' display on the front page. You don't need to know JavaScript either - you simply need to be comfortable with editing HTML files.

Go to this page, type in the full URL of the RSS feed you want to incorporate into your site and then select Generate JavaScript. Take the script this tool generates and place it in an appropriate location on your HTML based web site. From now on your users will see an updated display of the jams you choose to show them on

We encourage you to maintain all of your organization's jams on Your users will always see current information on local jams, and more people will be able to find your jam sessions through

Posted by scott.mclewin: Posted 3 Jun 2006 - Last edited 2 Oct 2006

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