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to bring bluegrass musicians and/or fans living in Southern California together for jams, concerts, festivals & fun.
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Welcome to the Southern California Bluegrass Exchange. We're glad to have you! Whether you're a beginning, intermediate or advanced bluegrass magician, an avid fan, or someone with a waxing interest in all grass blue, this group should have something for you. So let's get started, shall we?

Please feel free to post any jams, venues, upcoming concerts, or discussions you feel will contribute to SoCal residents' enjoyment and understanding of bluegrass. For example, I've had a tough time finding a good local acoustic music store, and I'd personally love it if someone listed a few!

If you're looking to jam, please send me a message or make a suggestion on the discussion board. If you're timid or want to wait a while to do this, check out these jams that are consistent in the OC area:

http://bluegrass.meetup.com/125/ - Long Beach/Orange County Bluegrass for Beginners Meetup: this is a very laid back jam, and everyone is courteous. A great place for beginners to learn tunes & intermediate players to work on traditionals.

http://www.folkjam.org/recurring-jam/us/california/fountain-valley/open-... - just check 'em out. Amazing. A great place to go if you're just looking for great music to listen to.

Below are a couple links you may want to check out...

http://www.socalbluegrass.org/ - Bluegrass Association of Southern California: has links to local bluegrass festivals, local bands, events, etc. A great place to begin your venture into the local bluegrass scene.

http://ibma.org/ - International Bluegrass Music Associations: enough said!

Remember, this is your group. You make it happen. If Del McCoury is playing at your bar tonight, but you don't let anyone know, how the heck are we gonna enjoy those good ol' McCoury boys? If you just found a great music store that caters to us bluegrass/old timey folk, but you don't share it, some of us may get stuck playing a 1920 banjolin with 3 strings, when an affordable mandolin with our names on it is sitting 3 blocks down.

Thanks for joining the Orange County Bluegrass Exchange. Drop a line on your way out, and keep on pickin'

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