April jam is in a few days

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Lenexa ,Kansas
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March 23, 2006


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Hello all. I've been away twice this month for about a week each trip for work and realized that I'd not send out the usual reminders.

Our next jam is April 19th, this coming Saturday. I'm looking forward to being home and playing some music. With being away for so much of the month I've barely picked up an instrument. I'm glad I don't do this sort of travel regularly any longer.

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Roger Fox
United States

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September 12, 2006
April Tunes

Hi Scott,

I plan on being there Saturday, finally. After being sick and intolerable work schedules, this weekend looks good.

Hope you guys can stand a box player for a couple of hours!!

Roger Fox.

Submitted by Roger Fox on Thu, 2008/04/17 - 12:19pm.

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