Kansas City Irish Fest sessions

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Donna Brown
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September 6, 2006

There are always "mighty" sessions during the KC Irish Fest at Crown Center, KCMO, if you are willing to stay up late for them, 9:00 pm or later. As far as I know this will happen again this year. KC Irish Fest is Labor Day Weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 31-September 2nd. The sessions in past years have been in the Hyatt Hotel. There is usually a posting in the blog associated with the KC Irish Fest web site about it, but they are not highly publicized. These are pretty exciting sessions. You might end up sitting alongside some amazing musicians. And meeting out-of-towners is always fun.

I am unsure about some of the details of these sessions. Like exactly where in the Hyatt. Try the lobby or the pub, or both. I always just park in the regular parking for the Festival, and may reposition my car at some point to be closer to the Hyatt.

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Daniel Hamilton
Kansas City ,Missouri
United States

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July 6, 2007
Irish Sessions


Thank you...
Please keep me posted. I play a Martin HD28v guitar (playing for 42 years),I and own a Weber "Yellowstone" mandolin which I am learning to play. I also have an American made Fender Deluxe Strat. I enjoy a varity of musical styles.

Thanks again for the update on the "Irish Fest"


Submitted by Daniel Hamilton on Wed, 2007/08/15 - 3:08pm.

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