Any recomendations from people about digital field recorders?

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Donna Brown
Kansas City ,Missouri
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September 6, 2006

My sister sent me an interesting bit information about a digital field recorder she is looking at buying. Now I am into thinking about upgrading. I am wondering if anybody has gotten one of these that they are using and like for session purposes. Any recommendations? My top priorities would be easy to use, good quality recording, and not awfully expensive.

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Roger Fox
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September 12, 2006


Since I've had my Olympus I really can't find a fault with it. I know that newer ones have more memory and some other features, but mine is perfect for recording sessions. Since I got the stereo mic the recording quality is very good.

I can record in stereo for something like 8 hours. After each session I download (USB)to my computer where the file is stored in a recording list. Each file is time/date stamped with beginning and ending times. If needed I can remove noise, adjust equalization, associate comments with the individual files, and I can place up to 16 index marks on each file for finding specific tunes quickly. You can also slow the speed down without changing the pitch for learning tunes.

It goes into standby when there is nothing to record and starts automatically when it hears something.

I bought rechargeable batteries so I always have an extra set in my carrying case if needed.

The files are stored in WMA format(windows media audio) so they can be played back on Windows Media Player. I downloaded the free Audacity recording software so I can convert the files to mp3 and send them along the net.

There are probably flashier ones today, but I really like the Olympus DM-20.

Submitted by Roger Fox on Thu, 2007/08/09 - 8:01am.
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Kansas City ,Missouri
United States

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October 22, 2006
Trad Tech

Keith has one too and he loves it. Check with him about the details.

Submitted by Willypete on Thu, 2007/08/09 - 11:36am.

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